Geography & Development Studies

Last update: 16.04.2018

Nyo Nyo (Department of Geography, University of Mandalay, Professor)

Human Geography
Land Use, Environment, Climatology

Lara Maria Lundsgaard-Hansen (Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern, PhD Candidate)

Geography and Sustainable Development
Land Governance, Land Tenure, Transformation, Political Ecology

Marianne Mosberg (Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, PhD Candidate)

International Environment & Development Studies
Climate Change, Vulnerability, Environmental Governance, Power, Conflict, Southeast Myanmar

Sina Hardaker (University of Würzburg, Post-Doc Researcher)

Economic Geography
Special Economic Zones, Economic Development, Change in Myanmar

Thibaut Le Loc’h (GRET, Country Coordinator Water, Sanitation & SWM Program)

Water, Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Services

Kyaw Zin Lin (Mandalay University, BA Hons. Student)

Physical Geography

Manon Mariller (University of Lausanne, MSc Student)

Geography & Development Studies
Strengthening Civil Society, Women Empowerment

Joan Bastide (University of Bern, Center for Development and Environment, Country Representative)

Land, Land Governance, Geospatial Data

Su Su Myat (GRET, Research Assistant)

Social Sciences
Water, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management

Anna Bugmann (ETH Zurich, MSc Student)

Development & Environmental Studies
Sustainable Livelihoods, INGOs, Agriculture and Agri-related ICT, Fair Trade

Jérémie Sanchez (University of Lausanne, PhD Candidate)

Urban Geography & Development Studies
Water, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Urban Governance, Mandalay