Last update: 10.04.2019

Matthew Venker (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. Student)

Law, Legal Pluralism, Customary Law and Justice

Ward Keeler (University of Texas at Austin, Professor of Anthropology)

Social relations, Hierarchy, Aesthetics, Gender, Religious Reform

Wen-Ching Ting (University of Sussex, Department of Geography, Research Fellow)

Anthropology, Migration, Mobility
Ethnicity, Development, Livelihoods, Borderland Studies

Busarin Lertchavalitsakul (Naresuan University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Lecturer)

Borderland Studies, Migration, Mobility, Shan Ethnicity

Beiyin Deng (Arizona State University, PhD Student)

Anthropology of Religion
Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar

Nevada Drollinger-Smith (Arizona State University, PhD Student)

Religious Studies
Buddhist Practice, Gender

Caitlin Benedetto (University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD Student)

Feminism, Women’s rights, Activism

Friedlind Riedel (Bauhaus University Weimar, Doctoral Researcher)

Anthropology, Music Studies
Zat Pwe, Nat Pwe, Hsaing Waing, Colonial History, History of Religion

Caterina Sciariada (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, PhD Student)

Cultural and Social Anthropology
Medical Anthropology

Georg Winterberger (University of Zurich, Executive Director Social Anthropology)

Social & Cultural Anthropology
Livelihood Strategies

Lorenzo Chiarofonte (University of London, SOAS, PhD Candidate)

Ethnomusicology, Cultural Anthropology
Nat Pwe, Mahagita, Hsaing Waing, Buddhism

Queralt Castillo Cerezuela (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Researcher)

Sociology & International Relations, Media Studies
Media, Journalism, Sociology, Anthropology

Noemi Dupertuis (Kyoto University, PhD Candidate)

Area Studies, Anthropology
Rural Development, Mountain Development, Anthropology, Chin State

Kaja Berg Hjukse (University of Oslo, Dpt. of Social Anthropology, PhD Candidate)

Social Anthropology & Medical Anthropology
Women’s Health, Mental Health, Care, Gender, Buddhism