Invitation to Gret’s research finding sharing workshop: Land and urbanization

June 24th 2019 – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Mercury hotel (former Micasa), Yangon


Simultaneous translation provided

Gret is pleased to invite you to the “land and urbanisation” workshop. Its objectives will be to share the key findings of the in-depth qualitative and quantitative research conducted of land and urbanisation dynamics in the peripheries of Yangon and Mandalay and to discuss policy options with regards to informal settlements, land markets, urban planning, peri-urban agriculture and livelihoods.

9:00-12:00 (Morning session): Sharing findings of Gret’s latest research report:Land and urbanization: Land dynamics and livelihoods in peri-urban townships of Yangon and Mandalay

The research is based on in depth qualitative research in the periphery of Mandalay and Yangon and on a quantitative study of over 1,000 households. The research analyses the fuzzy land governance of peri-urban areas. It looks into the dynamics of the land markets and the various strategies developed by the local population to cope or to take advantage of urbanization processes. It also documents the transition from rural to urban livelihoods while demonstrating the continuing importance of agriculture in peri-urban areas for both landless’ and landowners’ livelihoods.

8:30-9:00:       Registration

9:00- 9:30:      Introduction to the event and presentation of the agenda

9:30-9:45        Opening speech

9:45-10:00      Presentation of project and study methodology

10:00-10:20    Coffee break

10:20-12:15    Sharing Gret study findings by research team (15 to 20 minutes presentations per topic with 10 minutes Q&A sessions)

  • fuzzy land governance of peri-urban areas
  • land markets, the “domino effect”, strategies and impacts
  • transition from rural to urban livelihoods?

Lunch: 12:15:1:30

1:30 to 3:30: Afternoon session: what prospects for peri-urbanity in Myanmar?

13:30:2:00:      Wrap Up of Morning + Introduction of panelists (to be identified yet)

2:00-2:45:        Session 1: Is agriculture a relevant strategy for peri-urban areas? What are the conditions for sustainable coexistence of urban and agricultural livelihoods in peri-urban areas? 20 minutes by panelists + 15 minutes with room and other panelist+ wrap up

2:45- 3:30:       Session 2: Peri-urban land markets: impacts, strategies and ways forward 20 minutes by panelists + 20 minutes with room and other panelist+ wrap up

3:30 – 3:45:     Wrap up and final remarks to close the workshop 

RVSP for attendance to

Hardcopy reports will be made available.

Travel and accommodation costs for those coming from Mandalay may be covered upon prior request to :

This project is funded with the support of LIFT    ††

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