Call for Abstracts: Journal of Burma Studies, Special Issue on Environment & Resources

Journal of Burma Studies Special Issue. Environment and Resources: Burma/Myanmar and the (Un)Natural

Call for Abstracts

Burma has long been praised for its abundance of natural resources, to the point it is almost a cliché. The very meaning of the concept, however, suggests that the country contains things of tremendous potential human, economic use, and therefore value. How might that value differ across economic and cultural boundaries? Who stands to benefit and who is made vulnerable by state and trans-regional practices of assessments of the natural?
In this Special Issue, the Journal of Burma Studies would like to showcase a set of differing disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to nature, the environment, and resources in Burma/Myanmar. These can include research on living things: flora, fauna, labor; formerly living things: oil, fossils, lumber, exotica; and measurements and appropriations of these things: land grabs, territory, airspace. Inherently, too, there are processes of dispossession, exploitation and contestation. Particularly pressing these days are struggles about land grabs, and the controversial mega-dam projects on country’s rivers.
The Journal of Burma Studies would especially like to reach out to PhD Students and Junior Scholars to consider submitting their research to this issue; approaches such as those from environmental science, ethnobotany, geology, forestry, geography, history, sociology, anthropology and political science are especially welcome, as are other projects which may challenge our thinking about these understandings of “the natural” in Burma.
Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words. Include on the same page of your abstract your name, affiliation, and preferred email address.

Abstracts due: 31 December 2018

Please send your abstracts (and address any questions) to

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