Mingalabar and welcome to Myanmar Researchers! We are an independent, international and transdisciplinary network of researchers working in and on Myanmar.

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Network Policy

The network has for principal purpose to provide practical support to researchers who conduct their work in and on Myanmar. It is open to both international and local researchers, and intended to be transdisciplinary. Our goals are:

  • To help researchers working in and on Myanmar connect with their peers and develop their methodological research capabilities.
  • To gather research-relevant online resources, such as websites, databases, libraries, language courses, or links to other networks.
  • To contribute to the dissemination of research-relevant information, such as conference announcements or scholarship/funding opportunities.

The network does not intend to replace or supplant any other existing scholarly network, group or institution and remains open to all forms of collaboration.

While the network supports academic freedom, it does not endorse any particular political or religious agenda.

The views expressed by the members of the network in their publications, in traditional and social media, or elsewhere remain their own and cannot be attributed to the network as a whole, or to other individual members of the network.